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Questionnaires & Support Materials

Select the appropriate questionnaire from the list below to access it and its corresponding support materials.

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Substance Abuse in Vocational Rehabilitation - Screener2 (SAVR-S2)

The Substance Abuse in Vocational Rehabilitation - Screener2 is a brief questionnaire validated for use with clients with disabilities, including those receiving vocational rehabilitation services. SAVR-S2 identifies high or low probability of substance use disorders involving alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications, and also identifies defensive and/or random answering patterns.

Substance Abuse Screener in American Sign Language (SAS-ASL)

SAS-ASL is specifically developed in American Sign Language and validated to screen for substance use disorders among adult Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients in vocational rehabilitation, mental health, and social service settings.

Spanish Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)

Spanish language screening instrument, empirically validated in clinical settings for use with Spanish speaking adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds (Colombian, Costa Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Honduran, Mexican, Puerto Rican).

As of March 16th, 2015 the Spanish SASSI is no longer available through SRS - Moved to SASSI Online
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