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Welcome to the SASSI Institute’s
Scoring & Report Service

The Scoring & Report Service (SRS) provides counselors with access to substance use screening questionnaires and auto-scored interpretive reports.

Once registered, counselors can access and print any of the available questionnaires, have your client complete it, and then submit it by fax for automated scoring. Interpretive reports are delivered to you within two business days (often same day) via email or fax.

Substance Abuse in Vocational Rehabilitation-Screener2
Substance Abuse Screener in American Sign Language

As of March 16th, 2015 - Moved to SASSI Online:
Spanish SASSI
Spanish Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory
Visit to register and purchase administrations, scoring and reports.

How to access the SRS:

If your organization isn’t already registered to use the Scoring & Report Service, call 800-726-0526 to register and purchase auto-score reports for the questionnaires. Note: If you are, or your organization is, already a customer of the SASSI Institute, but new to using the SRS, you will still need to call. For faster service, please complete and submit online our Qualification Form prior to calling.

Once you have called and registered your organization, or if your organization is already registered, you will need to create a counselor profile.

If you’re a returning SRS counselor who has already created a counselor profile please sign in.